Privacy policy

Introduction always seeks to protect the privacy of your data during your visits to the Site or your access to us in sales, including purchase orders, electronic payment, shipping or retrieval. This policy explains all of our practices when collecting, using or disclosing your data. The following terms govern your agreement with us regarding the privacy of your data.

First: Definitions.
Second: Approval.
Third: The data collected about you on the occasion of the provision of services.
Fourthly: the data collected for you on the occasion of implementation of legal obligations.
Fifth: the policy of cookies.
Sixth: How to use your data.
Seventh: Communications and notification.
Eighth: Approval of marketing for our services.
Ninth: Disclose your data.
Twelfth: Governing Law and the competent judiciary.

First: Definitions
Within the scope of the application of the provisions of this Policy, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings indicated below:
"Baby Mumz", "Site", "Store", "We" or "Conscientious Objector" or "Conscience of Property": refers to the Website.
"User" or "You" or "The Consent of the Property to the Addresser" means the person visiting or using the Site, browsing the Products offered for sale through the Site, registering the Site Membership, or entering with us in any of the sales, electronic payment, .
"Policy" or "Privacy Policy": refers to this privacy policy including its terms, conditions, clarifications and practices.
"Sales" refers to all operations related to the sale of products online through the Baby Moms store, including product orders, electronic payment, shipping, retrieval or other operations.
"Personal data" refers to all data collected from the user during registration on the site or while using it. Or those which the User provides to us at any time, including but not limited to (name, age, address, e-mail, telephone number, bank account(
"Usage data": Indicates all data on your computer or mobile phone. Which are automatically collected once the site is used.
"Data": Indicates personal data and usage data defined above.

Second: Approval.
- By visiting the website or entering with us in the sales process, you expressly declare your agreement to this policy including the terms, conditions and practices.
- You acknowledge that you have the legal capacity to acquire rights and assume obligations and agree to this policy.
- If you do not have full legal capacity, you must use the Website, provide us with your data and enter into sales with us through your legal representative, guardian or trustee.

Third: The data collected about you on the occasion of the provision of services
By using the BabyMaps services or entering into sales with us, you agree that the site will collect the following information about you:
- Personal data you provide to us during the registration of your website account (such as your full name, email, phone number, Facebook account, Google Plus account)
- Personal data that you provide during your order Buy one of the products offered for sale through the site (such as payment data Visa or Master Card)
- Personal data required to ship the products you have purchased through the website (name, address, e-mail, telephone number)
- The personal data that you provide to us while you are communicating with us via the site regarding the provision or inquiry of the services.
- The personal data that you provide to us during the promotion of the products and the submission of offers through the site.
- Personal data that you provide to us when you report a problem encountered while using the site.
- Personal data you provide to us when evaluating the services and products available through the Site.
- Personal data that is provided by (commission marketers, sellers, third parties) to provide us with information about you in order to provide or deliver our services or products to you.

Fourthly: The data collected about you in fulfillment of legal obligations
(A) In compliance with the obligations set out in "Article 2, Section 1" of Law No. 175 of 2018 on Combating Information Technology Crimes, we are legally obliged to store and store the following data about users:
- Data that enables us to identify the user of our services or the buyers of our products.
- Data relating to the content and content of the information system indicating the source, destination, destination, sender, route, time, date, size, duration and type of service.
- Data relating to terminal devices for communication.
- Any other data to be determined by a decision of the NTRA.
(A) We commit ourselves to the preservation of the data referred to for one hundred and eighty consecutive days pursuant to the provisions of "Article 2, Article 1" of Law No. 175 of 2018 on Combating Information Technology Crimes